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Chemistry of good deeds

Chemistry of good deeds

Social workshops of the Family Service Center Downside Up and Metadynea have completed the joint project on creation of unique range of notebooks. The initiative was implemented under the policy of the company on procurement of presentation materials in charity and funds, which support people in difficult life circumstances.

ESG-initiatives are under implementation by the companies of Metafrax Group as a part of the most diverse projects. One of them was cooperation of Metadyena with socially oriented Russian non-profit organization Downside Up, which provides professional psycho-pedagogical assistance to the families with children, teenagers or young people with the Down syndrome.

The project of social workshops helps teenagers and adults with Down syndrome to fulfill their potential, keep the skills they got in the course of life, as well as to learn the new ones. The workshops allow to engage in making the notebooks, sewing, making jewelry and soap, candle making, decoupage and art painting. In one of these areas was implemented the joint project with Metadynea.

The making included not only the process of assembling the notebooks, but creative solutions of Downside Up care recipients as well, who participated in the social workshops. At the first step of the project the participants have painted their view of chemistry, science and industry. Then the team had adapted the work results actualized in paintings. The active phase for the fund care recipients became assembly of the notebooks. The center specialists have assisted in making and helped to complete whole scope of work.

The joint projects of Metadynea and social workshops of the Family Assistance Center Downside Up were scheduled for the next year as well.