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We build for a better future

HSEMetadynea products meet future requirements already now!

The basic environmental guidelines of Metadynea operations

  • Being a major player in chemical industry we know our responsibility and environmental requests
  • Metadynea’s effect on environment, and health and safety of our personnel, customers and consumers is included in every investment decision
  • Metadynea products are the leaders among low-emission resins from any supplier and competitor in Russia
  • Metadynea has greatly improved and reduced the environmental impact of resins and their production during its 10 years of operations in Russia and is committed to continue this work
  • And the company has lowered remarkably the hazardous or unwanted emissions from the products used for example in wood based panels and thermal insulation built into our homes and will invest in this development further

To work according to the guidelines and achieve the targets we invest in

  • Modern, automated and safe process technology
  • Construction of new, high safety and efficiency storage and logistics systems
  • New production equipment and storage tanks with water and vapor recycling systems and soil contamination prevention techniques for accidental spill cases
  • Training of personnel to work according to European Health, Safety and Environmental standards

We invest in building up the most modern resin production in Russia

We develop our products to

  • Fit for the purpose, bringing highest productivity and efficiency at our customers. Also this has a positive environmental effect
  • Lower the emissions at our customers’ production lines and plants
  • Fulfill not only all Russian product standards in environmental respect but also the tightest international standards for customers who export their products around the world

We follow, control and are compatible with

  • local environmental regulations, operating permit requirements and authorities requests
  • requirements to measure and control the effluents or evaporating vapors from the production according to agreement with authorities and international or Russian standards
  • reporting and actions agreed with authorities and even with customers
  • idea of taking initiatives to improve our environmental performance with investments in production and in continuous product development

We develop and invest in future, in products and production which make us and our children to live in a healthier and safer environment. This is good for our customers and for us.

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