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The clear target and strategy of Metadynea is to reach and maintain the leader position in the markets and among customers we are working with. And as all businesses, resins business is “people business”.

Our business is done between people, not only between companies. And the business is done by people. Metadynea success is mostly depending on the people in the company, their skills and their motivation.

Today we are about 260 people working in Metadynea. We have teams at three locations in Russia; production teams in Gubakha, Perm region and in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region, and the commercial team in the city of Moscow.

Metadynea is an attractive company and employer who offers challenges and opportunities because of several reasons. Here some of them:

Grow with Metadynea

Metadynea is the market leader – and growing. We grow because of the quality of the products and because of the quality of the service. And for the quality and continuous growth of our operations we need skillful people who are ready to grow personally and professionally

We need and support new ideas

To be the leader, and to stay as one, means that we have to renew all the time. We support entrepreneurship and appreciate ideas, and people who create new thoughts and opportunities for Metadynea to succeed

Every day offers a new challenge, and opportunity

Metadynea works with domestic customers and suppliers but to a growing extent with major international companies. To work with Russian and international leaders of their business, requires highest level of operations every day, and continuous improvement to keep the leader’s position.

We are looking for people who can make this happen.

Training will help you realize your full potential

We need experts and we appreciate experts, but expertise also changes with changing markets and technology, in other words with the changing world. To maintain required skills and expertise we encourage people to drive their development. And we also support this development by coaching and training, either on the job or otherwise.

Personal development is recognized as one of the main targets for the company to maintain the skilled specialists as motivated team members for long-term employment.

We are a company that inspires loyalty and supports success

Metadynea team members’ long-term interests are our interests. We look after our people’s interests for them to take care of those of Metadynea.

To have loyal people on board we listen to our team members, act in a responsible way and keep our promises. We reimburse our employees in a competitive manner and reward the success. We invest in people and their future and expect our teams and individuals to do the same.

We want our people to be proud of being a part of Metadynea and Metadynea to be proud of its people.

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