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MetafraxMetafrax daughter company

metafrax“Metadynea LLC” is a 100% daughter company of “PJSC Metafrax”, the major Russian privately owned Chemical Corporation and biggest methanol producer in the country. A part of Metafrax’s 1 million tons of methanol production is used by Metadynea in its formaldehyde based resins production.

Our Products

Metadynea is the market leader in Russia in all of its businesses. Metadynea adhesives, “resins”, are used mainly in construction industry in production of various wood based panels (particle board, medium density fiber board (MDF), oriented strand board (OSB), plywood) and as mineral wool binder for heat and cold insulation purposes in industrial applications and residential buildings.

StoragetankMetadynea is also a leading supplier of solid formaldehyde based resins, so called novolacs or powder resins. Their main uses are industrial applications for engineering and automotive purposes. storagetank Examples being friction materials for break systems in auto industries or abrasive tools for grinding and cutting of different materials.

These resins are supplied to our customers by trucking or by railroad depending on economics and customer location. Metadynea Russia serves customers from the western point of mainland Russia to the furthest customers in Siberia. Metadynea has also a growing number of export customers outside Russia. Exports of solid resins cover an area from Europe to the Asian Far East.

Our Sites

Today Metadynea is operating 3 production sites; one in Gubakha, Perm region; one in Orekhovo-Zuevo in Moscow area and one in Krems, Austria, about 80 km north-west of Vienna. In 2014 Metadynea in Russia has a production capacity of around half a million tons of resins per year and the number of employees is around 250 at the two sites and Moscow head quarters.

Metadynea sites in Russia are the pioneers in starting up modern, computer controlled resin processing in the country. Since 2004 the company has been at the forefront in bringing modern, low-emission resins with a high stability of quality into the Russian markets.

Our Success

Metadynea’s success and market leader position is based on the good raw-material position through Metafrax forward integration, on strong technology based on former Joint Venture relationship and continuing strategic cooperation with Dynea Group and partnering in close cooperation with our customers.

To safeguard success also in the future Metadynea established its wood based panels technology center in Austria by acquiring today’s Metadynea Austria GmbH from Dynea Group in 2013. This R&D center together with Metadynea’s local Russian and European customer industry expertise will guarantee Metadynea’s state-of-art knowledge of customer needs and the solutions to fulfill those needs also in the future.

Metadynea sales and majority of Technical Service personnel are located in Metadynea Russia Headquarters in Moscow, where personnel around 20 people are ready to serve you.

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